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What is the function of the hardware part of the waterproof plug?

Update:02 Jun 2021

The hardware requirements of the waterproof plug are directly related to the effect it wants to achieve. Now smart homes represent the development direction of future life. As a smart product, as one of the main parts of the entire product, it needs to meet the functions of the hardware part; the information level has been Gradually entering our lives, various products have appeared one after another, such as automatic bubble collection, information feedback, contact control, data comparison, program selection and other functions. The entire tea machine, the automatic coffee machine, the sound system of a caretaker, and the automatic watering of the flower benefit system need to be met from work to execution: the feasibility of the entire system and the stability of each component seem to be of different types, different principles, different purposes, Different uses, but their nature, the sensitivity of control feedback, the real-time nature of information transmission, and the reasonableness of the program recommendations all have similar principles and application programs. "Plug" is a typical smart home product.

Waterproof plug management plan
The key from product design to operation discusses the basic mode and design plan of smart home
The management of the waterproof plug is divided into the management of the master piece and the management of the software. It is based on the type of plug with a lock. The original intention of the design is to make a premise that can control the home circuit and the normal operation of the system. The management of the master piece includes the system The maintenance and optimization of the smart small product that manages the distribution of household electricity and guarantees the safety of household electricity. The management of software includes system maintenance and the development of new functions. It needs to ensure the user's effort. A typical smart product is in line with most smart products. Convenient, fast, privacy and property security. Its main management is the more manageable, intelligent and practical basic elements of after-sales software. At the same time, it is also designed with the goal of liberating productivity, maintaining and improving the quality of life in private spaces. The development direction is also consistent with the current business model. Therefore, the design of a large number of smart small products can be used and discussed. According to the main actual process and operation plan of the smallest unit of smart home, practical products. The personal terminal and execution hardware will be Smart home plump up

1 A design scheme of waterproof plug
Its main implementation plan is to control the sensing in real time through personal terminals connected to the local area network. When we are facing a new thing, we usually reiterate the device that it shows and connect to the Internet, and the sensor will feedback the changes received to the local area network and the terminal will handle it. To analyze its essence based on laws or internal principles, I will first focus on the appearance to see how it is connected with the associated sensors and connected with things. At the same time, they are all subject to the principle of personal access, from a plug-only design to work to operation, viewing and execution hardware. At the same time, the main development is also the evolution of personal terminals and execution hardware will bring new functions to the product.

2. The purpose of the waterproof plug is to control the circuit, so it has monitoring, execution, and feedback for smart home design schemes. The monitoring part uses a sensor that monitors current or voltage to obtain the basic set of the circuit-based intelligent system. (The connection or new opening of the circuit, the power consumption of the circuit, and the operation of various electrical appliances. Through the summary of a waterproof plug and the running products on the market (Comparative research status, etc.) The execution part is the basic component of the intelligent system by using an electromagnetic switch and a single-chip control circuit. In simplification, there are three new parts. The feedback part is the real-time transmission circuit of the signal of the single-chip microcomputer through the local area network.