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What are the safety precautions for power plugs?

Update:25 May 2021

Understand the safety performance of plugs and sockets. When buying and using, you can ensure the safety of your family and property by grasping the following points:

One choice: choose regular shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores, choose brand products; choose corresponding (matching) products according to the power of electrical appliances, such as: air conditioners, high-power showers and other products should use 16A plugs and sockets, other low-power For household appliances, you can choose a 10A plug socket.

Second look: see if the product marks are complete, and see if there is a CCC certification mark.

Three checks: check the certificate and the inspection report issued by the statutory department. If the converter product is not included in the compulsory certification, you should check the inspection qualification report issued by the statutory inspection agency when purchasing.

Fourth test: carry out a simple mating experiment, the plug should be in good contact after being inserted into the socket, there is no feeling of looseness, and it can be pulled out without too much force.

Five attention: Do not buy plugs with rotatable pins or artificially change the shape of the plug; do not use two electrical appliances with higher power in the same socket at the same time; if the temperature of the plug socket or the power cord is too high or there is a fire, stop Use and replace. Choose a manufacturer with a certificate.