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What is a bolt?

Update:12 Apr 2021

The plug is the contact part between the plug and the socket, and it is mostly made of hard brass or cast copper. The choice of bolts should be based on the different environment in the house, using waterproof, dust-proof or explosion-proof bolt equipment.

Basic Information

Electrical appliances must be connected with plugs, and bare wires can not be plugged into sockets or hung on a knife switch instead of plugs to avoid electrical fire and electric shocks.
The structure of the plug (plug and socket) should be suitable for the surrounding environment and working conditions. On the plug and socket, the rated voltage and rated current must be marked, and they must not be combined during use.
When the current of the connected electrical appliance does not exceed 25 A, and the voltage does not exceed 250 volts, common types of plug devices should be used. There are three types of socket shells for this plug: porcelain, metal and plastic pressed products. Porcelain shell is only used in non-dangerous places due to its insufficient mechanical strength. The sockets used in the production plants should be made of refractory materials with appropriate mechanical strength. It is not allowed to use ordinary ceramic sockets that are not covered. The metal shell plug should only be used in a very humid place or a place that may be mechanically damaged when using a plastic shell. For sockets with metal shells, the shell should be grounded.
The plug socket and plug must be marked with rated voltage and rated current.