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How to use the latch?

Update:19 Apr 2021

The plug consists of a socket and a plug. Pay attention to the following items when using:

(1) Sockets should not be installed in high-temperature and humid places, but should be installed in dry and clean places; the height of exposed sockets should not be less than 1.8 meters from the ground, and the height of concealed and industrial sockets should not be less than 30 cm from the ground.

(2) The rated current of the plug should be greater than the load current; sockets of different voltages should be clearly different, so that they cannot be used mutually.

(3) For sockets for portable or mobile electrical equipment, three-hole sockets should be used for single phase and four-hole sockets should be used for three phases. The grounding hole should be firmly connected to the grounding wire or neutral wire.

(4) Safety sockets should be used for sockets in children's playgrounds; if ordinary sockets are used, the installation height should not be less than 1.8 meters.

(5) It is not allowed for two or more electrical appliances to share a plug or two sets of plugs to be plugged into a socket together to prevent short-circuit or burn-out of electrical appliances.

(6) It is forbidden to directly insert the ends of the two power leads of electrical appliances into the sockets of the socket.

(7) After the bolt is damaged, it must be replaced in time, and it cannot be used improvised.

(8) Always check whether the plug is in good condition and whether the wire end of the plug or socket terminal is loose.

(9) The plug should be inserted into the socket to the end and not exposed to avoid electric shock.