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What are the reasons for the heat of the power plug during use?

Update:30 Mar 2021

It is a common phenomenon that the power plug becomes hot during use. For example, the most common mobile phone charger. When your mobile phone is charging, you will find that the charger’s plug is very hot. What causes the plug to heat up during use?




What people say verbally is to prevent plugs from getting hot and hot. In fact, it is the problem of plug wiring. Therefore, in the production process of power cord plugs, the wiring must be done well. The plugs must be tight and free of stacking. No twists and turns, no cracks, no high and low requirements on the surface, make the power plug as perfect as possible. The punching of different inserts must be operated by various molds of different sizes and shapes. It is necessary to match the number of seats, what kind of molds are used for what kind of inserts, if other models of molds are used to punch the incompatible inserts, problems such as loosening and copper exposure will occur, so we must correspond to the production.

Like power plugs, the terminals are relatively large, and thicker copper wires are needed to fix them, but if the wire diameter required by the customer is relatively small, how to deal with it? You can increase the length of the stripped copper, and then fold the copper wire in half to increase the thickness of the copper wire, so that the terminal can be firmly punched, and it will not loosen, and also the next manufacturing process. Another example is the British assembly plug. In the work, we must first pay attention to the copper-clad part of the power cord, and then proceed to the assembly steps. During the assembly process, pay attention to the length of the power cord inserted into the plug, and the degree of tightening of the screws. If it is too loose, the upper and lower covers of the plug will move. All in all, find the cause of the plug heating, if it is not the cause of the current overload, it is the cause of the plug itself.