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What are the daily uses of banana plugs?

Update:07 Jul 2021

Daily use of banana plugs:

When installing, using and repairing banana plugs correctly, the plug and socket products should be marked with the rated current, rated voltage, power source, etc. in an obvious position. In addition, the converter (converter refers to a mobile electrical appliance that has only one plug part and one or more socket parts combined. The symbol indicates the rated current/or power to guide users to avoid it.

Overload usage. Signs or symbols should be durable and legible. Do not use silk screen and paper stickers that can be easily erased. Anti-electric shock protection is a key safety indicator to ensure that plugs, sockets and converters will not cause electric shock accidents to users and others under normal use, and even some accidents. When the plug and socket are all or part.

When disconnected, the live part of the plug should not be touched; any pin of the banana plug should not be inserted into the live socket of the socket when the other pins are in the reachable state. Should be able to prevent unipolar or probe insertion.