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What are the main applications of Bluetooth adapters?

Update:29 Jun 2021

Bluetooth adapter has many advantages of convenience and low cost, mainly used in the following aspects:
1. File transfer-transfer files across different software platforms (such as transferring business cards from mobile phones to handheld computers)
2. Data synchronization-support information synchronization between different operating platforms (such as data synchronization between handheld computers and computers, and data synchronization between mobile phones and computers)
3. Voice transmission-transmit sound information via Bluetooth (if Bluetooth headset is supported)
4. Analog serial port-wirelessly achieve analog RS-232 serial transmission protocol (if Bluetooth printer is supported)
5. Dial-up network-dial-up to a modem to connect to the Internet (such as a computer surfing the Internet via a Bluetooth mobile phone GPRS/CDMA)
6. Bluetooth network-establish a Bluetooth virtual network (such as a Bluetooth wireless peer-to-peer network)
7. File Exchange-Exchange of business cards, meeting items, to-do items, etc.
8. SMS management-edit and send mobile SMS via computer
9. File management-edit and categorize the address book on the mobile phone, upload and download data, ringtones, pictures
10. Data transmission-can be connected to a Bluetooth-enabled printer to achieve Bluetooth printing.