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What are the introductions of 4mm banana plugs?

Update:12 Jul 2021

This feature of the 4mm banana plug makes it a priority to be used in high-power output equipment to connect speakers and receivers/amplifiers. Sometimes you can see banana plugs divided into two groups. 4mm banana plugs can be called: dual banana plugs, banana sockets, banana plugs, T-shaped banana plugs, etc. But not all devices can be used (especially speakers ) Can be used. The original shape of the 4mm banana plug is assembled by a base + an iron nail + a shrapnel, because the initial shrapnel is punched from a metal sheet into four leaf shapes. After it is assembled into the iron nail, it is inverted and peeled into four pieces. The banana is the same as the name "Banana Plug".



The 4mm banana plug has been gradually applied to industrial equipment, teaching equipment, power test radio models, medical equipment, automotive testing, audio equipment and other fields due to its excellent electrical performance, simple assembly method, and low-priced finished products. The type of banana plug has also been initially developed from the original simple four-leaf type.