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What are the benefits of 4mm banana plugs?

Update:04 Jun 2020

1. The 4mm banana plug is resistant to large currents. In recent years, electric models have developed rapidly, and the desire for electrical energy is increasing. The discharge performance of the battery is getting better and better. The current capacity of electronic governors is also getting higher and higher. Common plugs Can not fully meet the needs of mold friends, the plug can withstand huge electrical energy output, according to the metal composition of the plug, its current withstand capability can vary from 50A-120A, basically can meet most of the large The demand for power electric models. 

2. The 4mm banana plug is easy to insert and remove, and the maintenance is simple. I believe everyone has this feeling. The most troublesome thing about the T-type plug is that it is too difficult to insert and remove. Due to the need to withstand a large current, the T-plug is tightly coupled , This sacrifices the pluggability of the model plug. When the battery is used up, the XT60 plug will show advantages when it needs to be disassembled and replaced. Because of the combination of the cylindrical plug, plugging and unplugging becomes much easier, and it is resistant to current The ability to accept has not changed, and even improved tolerance.

3. The 4mm banana plug is safe and convenient. We usually use the T-shaped plug. After the power cord is welded, we use heat shrinkable tubing to insulate the positive and negative electrode solder joints of the power supply. , It is easy to unplug the heat shrink tube accidentally, if the power supply is short-circuited, it will be very dangerous. The XT60 will not have this trouble. It is easy to plug and unplug. And there is a round groove at the welding point. The heat shrinkable tube can go deep into that groove. After heat shrinking, the welding point is better protected and safer.