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What is the difference between 3.5 mono plug and 2.5 mono plug?

Update:28 May 2020

What is the difference between 3.5 mono plugs and 2.5 mono plugs? Of course, what I'm talking about here is not one is a 3.5mm plug and one is a 2.5mm plug, but what are the application fields of these two plugs.
The interface of the 3.5 mono jack is equipped with the standard plug of general headphones. If the mobile phone is a 3.5 mono jack, you can add another high-end headset. The 2.5 is only used for mobile phones, and the headset is standard. Standard headphones are generally not effective, if you are not very picky about the sound, it does not matter

It is just that the diameter of the headphone plug is different, one is 3.5MM, and the other is 2.5MM.
The 3.5MM interface is suitable for connecting stereo or headphones, and is widely used.
The 2.5MM interface is not universal.If you want to use it, you have to replace the plug of the stereo or headphones.It is more troublesome.
The most common 3.5 mono plug is divided into three layers, there are also two layers, each layer has a corresponding function, if you want to DIY, you must layer. The standard distribution is "left and right red and white" (from the end to the root are the left channel, the right channel, and the ground line, where the left channel is often red line skin, the right channel is usually white). Generally, the headset DIY can be connected as shown in Figures B and C (B is a common three-layer connector), screw C1 (usually yellow) and C2 (same as C1) into a strand and connect 3-0 to ground, R ( The red line connects 3-1 for the right channel, and the G (green) line connects 3-2 for the left channel. If it is a four-layer mobile phone with a microphone headset, from the top to the root are the left channel, right channel, microphone, and ground.
The most common materials are silver-white and copper-yellow, silver is copper-plated silver, and copper-yellow is copper. Because the stability and electronic engineering of silver are better than copper, the user experience of using this 3.5-mono plug device can be upgraded after copper is plated with silver.