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What are the problems with banana plugs?

Update:11 Jun 2020

Use and repair banana plug

People correctly install, use and maintain banana plugs, and plug and socket products should be marked with rated current, rated voltage, power supply nature, etc. in an obvious position. In addition, the converter (converter refers to a portable electrical appliance that has only one plug part and one or more socket parts combined. The symbol indicates the rated current and/or power, and the banana plug is used to guide the user to avoid overloading. Mark Or symbols should be durable and legible. Logos that can be easily erased by silk screens and paper stickers should not be used. Protection against electric shock is to ensure that plugs, sockets and converters are not damaged under normal use or even in some unexpected situations. A key safety indicator that can cause electric shock to users and others. When the plug and socket are fully or partially inserted, the live part of the plug should not be touched; when any plug of the banana plug is in the accessible state, It should not be inserted into the live socket of the socket. The plug socket with a protective door and the converter should be able to prevent the insertion of a single pole or probe

Banana plug how to distinguish between male and female

The name of the banana plug comes from its slightly bulged shape, which can also form a very large contact area after insertion. This feature makes it preferred to be used in high-power output equipment to connect multiple places such as speakers and receivers/amplifiers. It originated in Germany after World War I. The initial form was assembled from a base + an iron nail + a shrapnel. Since its original shrapnel was stamped from a metal sheet into four leaves, after it was assembled into the iron nail, it was inverted and A banana peeled into four pieces is named "Banana Plug"
The banana plug is gradually applied to industrial instruments, teaching instruments, power testing, radio models, medical instruments, automotive testing, audio equipment and other fields due to its excellent electrical performance, simple assembly method, and low-cost finished products. The contact methods of banana plugs are mainly shrapnel type, pin type, cross groove type, and round type. The banana plug is divided into a male head and a female head. The female head is generally cylindrical, and the male head has a common shape, a lotus shape, a lantern shape, etc.