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What are the advantages of banana plugs?

Update:22 Jun 2021

1. The newly designed male head shape increases the contact surface area and can plug in a larger current.

2. 5.5 Common male and female plugs are produced with A-grade brass international standard copper material, which conforms to international production standards.

3. The plug is plated with 24K real gold, and the thickness reaches 1μm. The coating will not fall after a thousand times of plugging and unplugging. The thickness of the falling coating has a good guarantee and prevents oxidation. Effectively prolong the service life of the plug.

The banana plug is divided into male and female. The male head adopts a lantern-like structure, which has good flexibility, excellent conduction and reliability, and has a strong current-carrying capacity. Singo Electronics Co., Ltd.

It is preferred to be used in high-power output equipment to connect speakers and receivers/amplifiers. Banana plugs have been gradually applied to industrial equipment, teaching equipment, power testing, radio models, medical equipment, automobile testing, audio equipment and other fields due to their excellent electrical performance, simple assembly method, and low-priced finished products. As for its shortcomings, it may be easy to be oxidized, not able to withstand current, etc.