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What can a banana plug do?

Update:26 Jul 2021

Banana plugs play a convenient role in plugging



The outer ring is connected to the negative pole, and the inner ring is connected to the positive pole
Banana plugs play a role in facilitating plugging, but no other functions! Direct connection of bare wires is the best theoretically! The connection method is quite simple.

The banana plug has only a single contact and can only be connected to a single wire.
Since the speaker cable transmits a power signal, there should not be too much signal loss on it. This objectively requires the speaker cable to have extremely excellent electrical conductivity, and excellent electrical conductivity requires the wire to have extremely transmission capabilities. The speaker wire should use high purity metal, and the plug should be gold-plated to improve the electrical performance of the connector and increase the oxidation resistance.

The banana plug holder can be fixed on the shell (or circuit board), and there will be a solder lug. After tightening the screw nut, solder the wire to the solder lug. The banana plug can be inserted in 3 places, the ESC, the motor, the battery, and the positive side of the battery. A banana plug can be installed on the negative pole, and a banana plug can be installed for the motor's 3 wires of the ESC. I hope my answer can help you.