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What are the steps to install the waterproof plug?

Update:03 Aug 2021

The material used in the waterproof plug has a higher flame retardant result. Compared with ordinary sockets, many sockets will continue to have small flames and continue to burn when the plug is disconnected from the socket immediately when an electrical fire occurs. The waterproof plug will continue to burn. The difference is that it will be able to extinguish the fire after leaving between the plug and the socket, and the fire is much smaller than the ordinary socket.

Waterproof plugs are much better in performance than large-scale sockets. Not only have excellent flame retardancy, but also have a higher strength that the rated voltage and current can take over, so that even if they encounter a little higher intensity current, they can survive the temperature. High signs are produced. Many customers and manufacturers will not pay too much attention to this part of the outlet hole, and then a lot of the outlet hole will cause liquid to enter because of the looseness, and then cause the product to appear short-circuited. And this very new waterproof plug has obvious progress on this top. There will be no signs of loosening and it also has waterproof performance. It can also achieve very good results when used in a little extra.

Begin by recognizing whether there are any missing parts of the waterproof plug, and then prepare the corresponding assembly equipment. If there is a shortage of parts, contact the manufacturer or hold a purchase. Ordinary waterproof plugs are attributed to the disassembled condition. Small batches are held with screws. Put the screws into the four corner holes of the socket and recognize the status of the product. Touch the product while playing and touch the patch) and then use the screw put into the hole to hold it on the wall or other place.

Then the facility designated by the assembly manufacturer connects the power clearly with the waterproof plug and puts on the waterproof discussion. It must be matched with the manufacturer's wiring facilities to ensure that you have an obvious advancement in the assembly process without changing the clarity or other aspects without authorization. The assembly decay that will make the clarity intertwined and incurred will affect your safety when the heel is clear. After the end of the clear tail, it is only necessary to connect it to the other side of the screw, using plastic screws or other types of screws. The screw hole plug is installed so that the screw is protected from corrosion by other materials to a large extent.

The waterproof plug can be quickly closed due to the connection between the built-in tension spring and the cover when it is pulled out. Just like a few extra plugs, it is easily disturbed by the situation, so there is dust in the arrangement situation. Materials came here so this plan can greatly advance the safety of the plug. The waterproof plug used in the shell is made of high-density protective materials and has a flame-retardant effect. It is also extremely strong. If a fire occurs between the socket and the plug, it only needs to be pulled out quickly to avoid continuous burning between the two. Signs without thinking about other plugs, even if the plug is pulled out, it still burns continuously. It’s a sign that the waterproof plug is difficult to pull out when it is pierced into the socket, and the very new type is better optimized on this. Only the customer does not deliberately destroy and pierce and other signs to ensure that the waterproof plug can appear in the customer application era. The chance of being difficult to pull out is much less than that of the old waterproof plug.

The airtightness and waterproof performance of the waterproof plug must be able to handle large-scale situations, and those more special situations need to be customized. Do not filter the application of industrial sockets. In a humid environment, a large number of customers should know that the impact of liquids or dust on the electrical building is huge. Once it enters the building, it may cause fire or short circuit. Therefore, none of the conditions you have selected are sufficiently moist. It is very good to be able to select those dry and well-ventilated conditions to ensure the performance and quality of the product. When storing industrial sockets, it is very good to be able to use a little packaging to pack the building. Many buildings are corroded by other materials during storage and cause signs of performance degradation. Packaging can be very large. One-sided materials corrode the product, and the product itself has a certain protective effect. The corrosion of the building is doubled and insignificant. If it can, it is very good, and the situation of the storage industrial socket can be cleaned on schedule and the function of the building is light. Trying to deal with a small number of customers who store products forever can double the building storage time forever.