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Precautions for overheating of banana plugs?

Update:27 Oct 2020

There are two common reasons for banana head overheating:
1. The thickness of the 5261 shrapnel material of the banana head is too thin and 4102 is not implemented in accordance with the national standard, resulting in the tolerable voltage 1653 is too small, the internal resistance increases, resulting in heat, and serious accidents;
2. The surface coating is too thin and oxidizes too quickly in the exposed air, resulting in poor contact and heat generation.



1. When the banana plug is found to be faulty, the model banana plug should be disconnected from the air plug of the power cord and the conductive post in the electric water heater socket should be unscrewed, polished with zero-size emery cloth or abrasive paste until it is bright, and the contact tongue between the power cord and the banana plug The wires, terminal screws, tongues and the oxide layer of the conductive posts in the sockets on the electric water heaters at the joints of the plates reduce the contact resistance.
2. Coat a little conductive paste on the power cord connector piece and the socket lead post of the electric water heater.
3. The tongue piece and wiring screw of the aviation plug should be replaced immediately if they are severely burned.
4. If the sockets and conductive posts on the electric water heater are severely burned, remove them immediately, and replace the banana sockets and conductive posts with the same specifications. When installing an electric water heater socket, a power knife switch should be installed.