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Banana plug

Update:11 Jan 2020

A type of plug that is commonly installed at both ends of a speaker cable for insertion into a banana socket.
The name of this plug comes from its slightly bulged appearance. It is very convenient to insert the hole in the front of the multi-purpose socket mentioned above, and it can also form a very large contact area after insertion. This feature makes it a priority for high-power output equipment to connect speakers and receivers / amplifiers. Sometimes you can see banana plugs divided into two groups, called "double banana plugs", but not all devices (especially speakers) can be used. It originated in Germany after World War I. The original form was assembled by a base + an iron nail + an elastic piece. Since the original elastic piece was stamped into four leaves from a metal sheet, it was inverted after being assembled into the iron nail A banana peeled into four slices is named "banana plug".
Banana plugs are gradually applied to the fields of industrial instruments, teaching instruments, power testing, radio models, medical instruments, automotive testing, audio equipment and other fields from their excellent electrical performance, simple assembly methods, and low-cost finished products. The contact methods of the banana plug are mainly spring type, pin type, cross groove type, and round type.