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What is the terminal line layout of the banana plug?

Update:23 Aug 2021

In recent years, electric models have developed rapidly, and the thirst for electric energy is increasing day by day. The discharge performance of batteries is getting better and better, and the current capacity of electronic governors is getting higher and higher. Ordinary plugs can no longer fully satisfy the needs of model friends. According to the demand, the plug can withstand the huge power output well. According to the different metal composition of the banana plug, its current withstand capability can vary from 50A to 120A, which can basically meet the needs of most high-power electric models.



1. The conductor adopts a tinned soft copper wire with a wire gauge of 14-30 awg, and an electrical soft copper wire with a cross-sectional area of ​​0.3mm2-2.0mm2. There are three types of conductors:
Stranded conductor, solid conductor, os-1 (TCW) conductor

2. Insulation materials are mainly imported high-performance heat-resistant PVC insulation materials (there are three categories: soft, semi-rigid, and rigid)

3. The shielding layer adopts horizontally rolled or braided tinned soft copper wire with a wire diameter of Ф0.1mm and above to enhance the anti-interference and noise-proof ability of the banana plug.

4. The sheath material is mainly imported heat-resistant PVC sheath material.

5. There are four final product layouts for banana plugs:

Single core heat-resistant PVC insulated wire; kftc, ksch 8-64 core flat ribbon cable; 1-3 core heat-resistant PVC insulated horizontally rolled shielded cable; multi-core insulated terminal wire is engaged in stranding, shielding (or unshielding), and protection Set of cables.
Banana plugs have been gradually applied to industrial equipment, teaching equipment, power testing, radio models, medical equipment, automobile testing and other fields due to their excellent electrical performance, simple assembly method, and low-priced finished products. The contact methods of banana plugs mainly include shrapnel. There are several types of type, needle type, and round type.

The processing technology of banana plugs, first select the materials. Generally, brass or phosphor bronze is used. Then use a CNC machine or a walking machine or a cutting machine for machining into a car part. Then the motor, ESC, soldering iron, soldering station. The specific steps are as follows:
1. The power supplier is the female power user and the foreman.
2. Wrap it with paper to prevent heat transfer from the banana head during electric welding.
3. Fill the banana head with tin.