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What is the RCA interface?

Update:22 Sep 2020

The AV interface (that is, the RCA interface) realizes the separation of audio and video transmission, which avoids the degradation of image quality due to audio/video mixing interference. At present, the most widely used interface on audio and video equipment, almost every audio and video equipment provides such an interface for audio and video input and output.

RCA is an acronym for Radio Corporation of American, because the RCA connector was invented by this company. RCA is commonly called lotus socket, also called AV terminal, also called AV interface. Almost all TVs and DVD players have this interface. It is not specifically designed for which kind of interface. It can be used for audio and ordinary video signals. It is also a DVD component (YCrCb) socket, but the number is three. RCA is usually a pair of white audio interface and yellow video interface. It is usually connected by RCA (commonly known as lotus head). When using it, you only need to connect the standard AV cable with lotus head to the corresponding interface.