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What is RCA terminal?

Update:20 Feb 2021


In the most common use, there is a standard plug at both ends of the wire, and there is a male terminal in the center, surrounded by a ring, which is sometimes discarded due to flexibility. The device is equipped with a socket, and there is a small hole in the center surrounded by a metal inner ring. The diameter of the outer ring of the socket is smaller than that of the plug to allow the plug to be firmly inserted. The socket is filled with an insulator between the inner and outer rings, usually with plastic. Compared with other types of terminals, RCA terminals are used for different purposes, including as power terminals, radio terminals, and speaker wire terminals. It is very popular as an AV terminal (composite video terminal), but its impedance matching performance is poor. RCA terminals and cables are also often used to transmit S/PDIF digital audio, distinguished by orange plugs, also known as "coaxial cables."
The connection method is to push the plug into the socket of the device (commonly known as female). The signal transmission needle protrudes from the plug. Usually, before the grounding ring of the two sides (referring to the device and the plug) touches, the needle is in contact with the socket, and it will make a buzzing or chirp when connecting the activated sound device. If the plug is partially dropped (the ground is broken but the signal is not broken), a continuous noise will be emitted. In addition, for some plugs, especially the cheapest ones, the tightness and effectiveness of the grounding sheath will be greatly reduced.

When used as an AV terminal, RCA plugs are often distinguished by color. Yellow is used for composite video. In analog stereo audio, white (or black) is used for the left channel and red is used for the right channel. "Yellow, white and red" these jacks almost all audio-visual equipment are also installed. There is at least one "yellow, white, and red" jack on the TV for connecting to a camcorder (through the 3.5 mm mini TRS terminal to three RCA terminals, also known as "mini RCA"), digital cameras and home game consoles. Although almost all audio and video terminals, including audio, composite and component video, and SPDIF digital audio, can be used with wires with a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms, there are some special-purpose wires on the market that have higher resistance values.
The diameter of the male pin of the RCA terminal is 3.175 mm, and the diameter of the surrounding shell is 8.25 mm.