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What is an rca audio plug?

Update:01 Dec 2020

The term RCA audio plug is very common and has become very popular, but not many people know why it is called an RCA audio plug, so let’s take a look today.

The RCA in the RCA audio plug refers to the acronym of Radio Corporation of American, because the RCA connector was invented by this company.

RCA is also called AV terminal, or AV interface. Almost all TVs and DVD players have this interface. RCA connector is by far the most common type of video/audio terminal. This kind of two-wire connection terminal was invented by RCA audio company as early as the time when the radio appeared. There is also an older and stranger called the "turntable" connector.
Signal transmission method


The RCA terminal adopts the coaxial signal transmission method, the central axis is used to transmit the signal, and the contact layer on the outer edge is used for grounding, which can be used to transmit digital audio signals and analog video signals. RCA audio plug terminals are generally marked in different colors in pairs: red for the right channel and black or white for the left channel. Sometimes, the center and surround channel cables will be marked with other colors to facilitate the distinction when wiring, but all the RCA connectors in the entire system have the same electrical performance. Generally speaking, the RCA stereo audio cable is a set of left and right channels, and each channel is a line in appearance.