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What is an audio plug?

Update:05 Jan 2021

Coaxial audio definition  
Coaxial audio is an audio interface that also has input and output functions. Unlike the previous audio interface, it integrates the interface of the microphone (input interface) and the interface of the headset or audio (output interface).
Coaxial audio interface (Coaxial), the standard is SPDIF (Sony / Philips Digital InterFace), which is jointly formulated by Sony and Philips. Coaxial is marked on the back panel of audio-visual equipment, mainly to provide digital audio signal transmission . Its connectors are divided into RCA and BNC. The digital coaxial interface uses a coaxial cable with an impedance of 75Ω as the transmission medium. Its advantages are constant impedance, a wide transmission frequency band, and a high-quality coaxial cable with a bandwidth of several hundred MHz. The standard connector of the coaxial digital transmission line adopts a BNC connector with an impedance of 75Ω. When matched with a 75Ω coaxial cable, the impedance can be kept constant and the signal transmission is correct. That is to say, in the matching of transmission cables, 75 ohm coaxial cables suitable for transmitting high-frequency digital signals should be used as the matching standard.



Homemade coaxial audio cable
Raw material: First of all, you buy the type of plug you need when you buy the cable. After you buy it, connect the connector and the cable. They can be sold in the Electronic City.
Tools: pliers, wallpaper knife, and sometimes an electric soldering iron. The soldering iron is used for soldering when the wire is connected to the plug. In addition, the soldering iron must be soldered with solder paste or rosin. There is no need for a soldering iron if the connector has a screw connection.
Length: It depends on the length of the cable you buy. The length of the cable is as long as it is. If you need a long cable, it will not be enough. There are two connecting pieces connected to the cable. There are many kinds of connectors such as: AV lotus head, 3.5MM head such as earphone plug, and microphone plug. Which head you buy depends on what terminal your device is. If the line is very long, you can install the degaussing ring on the line to ensure the effect. If the line is very short, you don't need to install it!
Digital coaxial audio cable
It is specially designed for Dolby AC3 and DTS surround digital audio home theater to provide you with a clearer, more natural, and more realistic sound experience. It is an essential tool for digital home theater systems.
• Use high-precision black PVC insulation outer layer, anti-wear, anti-interference, and strong flexibility;
• Using pure oxygen-free copper wire and multi-layer shielding design, strong conductivity and anti-electromagnetic interference;
• 24K gold-plated, precision machined RCA connector, excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance;
• Lifetime warranty.