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What does the RCA socket on the computer do?

Update:16 Jul 2020

The RCA socket on the computer is a widely used terminal, mainly used for audio and general video signals.

The wires have a standard plug at both ends and a central connector surrounded by a ring, sometimes discarded due to flexibility. The device is provided with a socket, a small hole in the center, and a metal inner ring around the small hole. The diameter of the outer ring of the socket is smaller than the diameter of the plug, so that the plug can be inserted stably. Insulator filling is used between the inner and outer rings of the socket, usually plastic filling.



RCA includes power terminals, radio terminals and speaker wires. It is widely used in AV terminals (composite video terminals), but its impedance matching performance is poor.
RCA plugs are usually distinguished by color. Yellow is used for composite video. In analog stereo audio, white or black is used as the left channel, and red is used as the right channel. Yellow, white and red sockets have equipment for almost all audio and video equipment.

There is at least one yellow, white, and red socket on the TV to connect the VCR, digital camera, and home game console. Although almost all audio and video terminals, including audio, composite video and component video, and SPDIF digital audio, can share a 75-ohm characteristic impedance value, some special-purpose wires on the market will have higher resistance values.