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What are the related introductions of the 4mm banana plug?

Update:08 Dec 2020

The appearance of 4mm banana plug is relatively small and exquisite, so it has the advantage of portability. Besides, the price is also easy to be accepted by the public. For consumers who are interested in buying banana plugs, today we will start a series of Introduction and analysis, including knowledge of the performance parameters of banana plugs and the advantages of specifications, in addition to the knowledge based on the introduction of banana sockets to learn and analyze. Introduction: A plug that is generally installed at both ends of the speaker cable for insertion into a banana socket.

The name of this plug comes from its slightly bulged shape. It is very convenient to insert the hole on the front of the multi-purpose socket mentioned above, and a very large contact area can be formed after insertion. This feature makes it preferentially used in high-power output equipment to connect speakers and receivers/amplifiers. Sometimes you can see 4mm banana plugs divided into two groups, called "dual banana plugs", but not all devices (especially speakers) can be used. It originated in Germany after the First World War. The original shape was assembled by a base + an iron nail + a shrapnel. Because the original shrapnel was stamped from a metal sheet into four leaves, it was assembled into the iron nail and turned upside down A banana peeled into four pieces is named "4mm banana plug".