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How to install acoustic guitar cable?

Update:28 Jan 2021

There is a row of small holes on the back of the guitar resonance box, the piano yard part, from top to bottom for installing guitar strings.

Installation method:

The first is to install the strings one by one. Don't rush to tighten the strings. After all the 6 strings are installed, then gradually try to tune the strings one by one. Generally, when you just install it, don’t rush to adjust according to the standard pitch (C, don’t say, don’t know what a standard pitch is), first make each string 1-2 degrees lower than the standard pitch, and then play it later. In the middle, wait for the piano to adapt to the tension of the new string, and then gradually adjust to the standard pitch, so that the piano will not be damaged.
The second is to first pass a string out of the small hole (from the direction of the sound hole to the direction of the tail of the box), fold it back after about 5 to 7 cm, go under the string and then come up, winding it like a knot , Wind it again, a total of 2 to 3 times, so that the string forms a knot, and then pull the long end, the string is properly tightened at the bridge.
The third is to pull the string to the string twist of the headstock, pass through the small hole of the string twist once, and then pull it up again, do not tighten it, and then turn the string twist to tighten the string, but not too tight, just keep the string from sliding ; And so on, install all the 6 strings one by one, and then gradually tune the strings against the tuning flute.



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