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Difference between gold-plated and silver-plated headphone pins

Update:28 Feb 2020

In real life, people who often have contact with DC headset pins know that the DC headset pins that are usually used can be classified by color: gold and silver. silver.
Of course, the material is different, the unit price will be relatively different, gold-plated, naturally higher than nickel. Let me share with you today the benefits of gold-plated headphone plugs.
1. Is the gold plated on some earphone pins real gold or other metal instead of gold? The answer is yes, the material used on the gold-plated earphone plug is real gold.
2, what is the use of gold-plated headphone pins when we use them?
金 Gold-plated headphone plug The main function of the headphone plug is to prevent the gold-plated part of the headphone plug from being exposed to the air for a long time to cause oxidation, so that the plug can be better conducted and has no other use.
So what about nickel plating? In fact, the effect is not much left, but the gold is too expensive. Using nickel instead can also achieve the effect of anti-oxidation. However, the anti-oxidation of gold is stronger than nickel!