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Bluetooth adapter classification

Update:14 Mar 2020

The line types can be divided into ISA bus, PCI bus and USB bus.
The ISA bus transmits data in 16 bits, and the nominal speed can reach 10M.
The PCI bus transfers data in 32 bits, which is faster. Most of the market are 10M and 100M PCI buses. With the gradual popularization of the USB interface, the existing Bluetooth adapters are basically USB buses.
The USB bus is the Universal Serial Bus. The universal serial bus is a new serial interface jointly developed by several world-renowned manufacturers such as IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Compaq, and NEC. It has become a computer and external adjustment equipment (such as keyboards, Tape drives, printers, writable jukeboxes, etc.). This interface not only has a good load capacity, but also has good ease of use. It has a "plug and play" function. It can connect up to 127 peripherals and supports real-time audio playback and video compression.